Analysis / Fears of the MKP Board


The First Principle I shall use is the saying, “The Good of the Many outweighs the good of the Few and the One.” For purposes of this analysis the Many shall be the Board, representing all those men who come to the NWTA. The LKSI is the Few. And S.p.i.r.i.t, for all intents and purposes, is the One.

Fears of the MKP Board.

Upon receiving the first letter from The One, with the threats of a social media campaign and organized protests at NWTA’s the Many became fearful for the safety of the Training—they even became afraid of violence erupting. In my judgment the fear of the Board was not completely unreasonable. They chose to honor that fear and suspend the NWTA, the Many became fearful for the safety of the weekend and the organization.

In response to the demand to dissolve the LKSI, realizing that the LKSI was functioning within MKP as an almost independent service provider, and could not be dissolved, the Board suspended the P&R and disavowed the LKSI.

The Many sacrificed the Good of the Few for what they believed was the sake of the Many.

The Many, with the collusion of the Leaders (a separate group of the Few in MKP, along with the Elders), sacrificed the Few for the demands of the One.

The Many cut itself to bleed for the demands of the One. And in doing so they have also hurt those who are yet to come by depriving them of a great blessing for the whole of the man, his Soma, his Soul, and his Spirit. They have cut themselves off from their oldest root.

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