The Protocol Review Committee

The Present Moment

An ad hoc Committee was formed to examine the P&R for instances where it might be adapted to make it more acceptable.

A new context piece was adopted in May at the LKSI meeting that made explicit the origins of what we do and recognition that this was an act of profound generosity by Indigenous people despite the centuries of genocide and forced assimilation.

Other amendments were formulated in accordance with Protocol during the ensuing months, all with an eye towards making it clear that we had appropriated nothing. For example, context was provided for the songs.

In October the Board suspended all NWTA’s in response the threats sent by S.p.i.r.i.t.

In November the Board suspended the use of the P&R Ceremony, without consultation with the LKSI. The Chair formally established a new Committee to create a new process, the Grounding and Renewal Ceremony. The Board, I have been told, made the decision to disavow the name LKS and remove it from the mkpconnect access system.

While that was happening another effort was made to amend the P&R with an eye to removing its “Indianness” and moving toward that which is globally common to the Sacred Masculine. Working with family Elders, for example, this document made explicit the symbolism of the template we build: The structure is the Earth, the Mound is the Moon, the Sun is the fire, and the rock wall is the Milky way, and the stars. Nobody owns these. This symbolism is not what Indigenous people do (as far as I know). It is certainly not the container of the Inipi. In another example, other language such as “two-leggeds, four-leggeds and wingeds” was dropped.

This modified protocol, finished in December, never really saw the light of day as a new Committee, the Grounding and Renewal Ceremony Committee, managed by a designee of the Chair, took over. Feedback, either from the Board or S.p.i.r.i.t, I do not know, became absurd.

The structure couldn’t be round. No mound was allowed. Even pitchforks, because Indigenous people use them (even though white people invented them), were disallowed.

Then came the “edict” ‘no stones, no steam, no darkness’.

And the Board obeyed. Obeyed.

The way was cleared for the new Grounding and Renewal Ceremony.

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  1. Thank you for putting all this out so the light of truth can shine & illuminate those who would operate in shadow. And hearing what MKP USA is turning the P&RC into makes my heart hurt!

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