“Tell the Truth. Just Tell the Truth, and keep Telling it.”

                                                                –Chief Mel Lone Hill

The purpose of this website is to offer historical Truth to counter the fictions posted by S.p.i.r.i.t.org and other videos posted on the internet.  

NOTE: July Update from Author:

2 thoughts on “SpiritProtect.org”

  1. Indeed a honorable and truthful way to explain the history of the LKS in a good way. Hopefully many men will get a chance to read first hand what gives an oportunity to look at all the hype around cultural apropriation (just like so many hypes nowadays) and shed a more balanced light on what’s really going on – and the “voice of the other side” an ear.

  2. Thank you Curtis for this writing and so much you have held for so many for so long.
    Blessings all

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